Any english speakers here?

初心者 noob learning

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1 :TrueIndividu初段:2019/09/17 20:03:16 (3年前)  1.00000001MONA/2人

Hi ppl! This is my first post and I have always been fascinated about games and IT (Being gamer for ~30 years now).

With It field, I am also interested about cryptocurrencies aswell and that is how I found out about monacoin.

As topic says, are there any english speakers here? I intend to learn Japanese culture / language but it takes time (especially with learning kanji).

I wish this community is kind for english speaking persons also :)

2 :ジオ三段:2019/09/18 00:45:03 (3年前)  0.00228231MONA/3人

thank you for coming. This community does not come often for English-speaking people, but it is still welcome.

This is a site where you can make a micro donation of Monacoin, and there is a possibility that Monacoin will fly to excellent topics and replies.
Monacoin is operated by the good intentions of a community that is similar to DOGECOIN, like a joke, and as good as DOGE :)

If you have any questions, you can write here or create a topic.

The English-speaking cryptocommunity was kind and warm to us.

Ppl here are also interested in games and IT, and are gatherings of OTAKU, hackers and geeks.

TrueIndividu WELCOME(・∀・)b



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