i am sad i need to sell my asics


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1 :nosloさん:2015/10/06 18:22:01 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

hi it pains me to say it but i need to sell my asics my home is too smalland they are sitting in a boxnot makeing me money maybe they can work for you i have 20 asic rigs 2x knc neptunes 3.3 TH sha256 5 bfl monarchs 725 GH sha-256 3 hashra lunarluncher warp3 19 MH each 2 gridseed blades 5.2 MH SCRYPT EACH WILL TAKE MONA OR BTC OR ANY TRADEABLE CRYPTO AND WILL SHIP FROM CANADA TONS OF HIGH END ATX 80+ PSUS here are photos and i can send more if required i.imgur.com/a/o3qOg



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