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1 :Expanse二段:2017/06/12 04:08:57 (1年前)  1.21525514MONA/4人

Hello, im Christopher Franko, the lead developer for Expanse.tech, Expanse is an Ethereum based smart contract platform. We need our website translated. Also, this thread is an exp give away :) Tweet me your expanse address! http://www.twitter.com/ExpanseOfficial

2 :lae九段尊者:2017/06/12 04:29:51 (1年前)  1.01MONA/1人

Translated from English to Japanese, right?

(and sorry, I only deal with Monacoin.)

3 :Expanse二段:2017/06/12 04:38:02 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

Yes from english to japanese

4 :名無し三段:2017/06/12 08:05:48 (1年前)  5.13525514MONA/3人

I translated the first paragraph of your website’s “OUR STORY” for trial.

<Original edition>
Expanse.Tech™ was created as the first stable fork of Ethereum by one of the earliest blockchain developers and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs out there, Christopher Franko. Co-founder James Clayton is also the founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, (CCC), which is the largest and most popular Cryptocurrency group on Facebook. Dan Conway, another blockchain expert with extensive experience, soon joined the team as the third founder, bringing a great deal of talent, balance, and expertise to the project.

<Japanese edition>
Expanse.Tech™は、最初期のブロックチェーン開発者の一人であり仮想通貨起業家でもあるクリストファー・フランコによって、Ethereumの最初の安定したフォークとして作られました。共同創業者のジェームス・クレイトンは、Cryptocurrency Collectors Club(CCC)の設立者でもあります。CCCは、Facebookにおいて最も大きく人気のある仮想通貨のグループです。もう一人の経験豊富なブロックチェーンの専門家であるダン・コンウェイは、プロジェクトに多大な才能、調和そして専門性をもたらす為に、三人目の共同創業者として間も無くチームに参加します。

5 :Expanse二段:2017/06/13 04:35:27 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

Awesome! Can you translate the rest?

6 :Expanse二段:2017/06/13 22:52:32 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

I can pay whoever translates. :)

7 :itto四段教士:2017/06/13 23:30:57 (1年前)  1MONA/1人

Second paragraph...
It seems good to adopt this sentence after examining the results of machine translation by everyone. Everyone, please review this result.

<Original edition>
Expanse was built as a community-based project without an ICO, (Initial Coin Offering), and is blockchain agnostic. The idea is to use cutting-edge blockchain technology to build anything the community and team can imagine—using a "DAO", with a self-funded design to keep it truly decentralized. This way, the Expanse community can evolve and grow while rewarding holders, partners, and investors.

<Japanese edition>

8 :Expanse二段:2017/06/13 23:33:05 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

You can submit a pull request at our github repo.


9 :lae九段尊者:2017/06/13 23:51:01 (1年前)  1MONA/1人


>>8 Just checking but are the current strings all machine translated?

10 :Expanse二段:2017/06/14 00:21:56 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

I believe so.

11 :名無し三段:2017/06/14 13:37:16 (1年前)  1MONA/1人

Thank you for Monacoin. I submitted a pull request. "Create japanese.php #72".

12 :Expanse二段:2017/06/14 19:58:31 (1年前)  0.1MONA/1人

Thank you so much! Maybe you would be interested in translating our tweets and newsletter also, its a paying position. ^_^

13 :名無し三段:2017/06/14 20:35:18 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

Yes. I can help you translating your tweets and newsletters, and payment with EXP is OK for me.

14 :名無し三段:2017/06/14 20:57:14 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

And I tweeted you my EXP address. Thank you.

15 :名無し三段:2017/06/14 22:05:12 (1年前)  0MONA/0人