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1 :Robin 五段:2017/06/13 11:03:10 (1年前)  526.43266391MONA/12人

Soon I will be making a Youtube video discussing the highlights of Monacoin in English to get more support for Monacoin. I would like askmona's community input on what to include. So far in my list of things to discuss are:

Mining Algorithm
Total Coins
Segwit activation
Community- Japan, Askmona, Monappy
Market Volume- Bittrex, Zaif
Current Price and speculation of future price.
Why this cryptocurrency is valuable compared to other cryptocurrency.

2 :lae九段尊者:2017/06/13 12:45:40 (1年前)  0.228114MONA/2人

Hi Robin! Thanks for offering to create a video. I'll provide somewhat of a translation for you to get more input.

- Monacoinのアルゴリズム(Lyra2REv2)
- Monacoinの総発行枚数
- SegWitの有効化
- 界隈: 日本やAskMonaやMonappy
- 取引高@BittrexとZaif
- 現在の値段と将来の相場
- 他の仮想通貨を比べてなんでmonacoinを使う?的なコンテンツ


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5 :lae九段尊者:2017/06/13 13:17:30 (1年前)  0.11525514MONA/2人

TL >>4: You should talk about Ark Akihabara's (tech shop) acceptance of Monacoin!

6 :Robin 五段:2017/06/13 13:32:43 (1年前)  0.1MONA/1人


Nice! I will mention that.

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8 :makit五段錬士:2017/06/13 13:56:01 (1年前)  0.618228MONA/3人

someone send you 11.4114MONA.It's a kind of a play on words.

"1" is "Ichi",4 is "YOn" in Japanese.
So "114114" is read "iiyoiiyo", and it means "very very good" in Japanese.

there are many other patterns like
39 = thank you
7974 = don't cry
4971 = very bad
888888 = clap-clap

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10 :lae九段尊者:2017/06/13 14:36:18 (1年前)  0.39MONA/1人

Translation (iffy) >>7: tipmona differentiates mona against other currencies
Many other coins seem to be of the mindset of not actually using the coin, it's all about speculating a coin's price and trying to make money - which is why I think those coins don't have a service like that.
People really want to make Monacoin economically viable (something you don't see in other crypto), which is one thing that makes it appealing to other people. (Translator note: remember this is in the context of Japan, as a country)
It'd be great if you could communicate that Monacoin's very user-centric.

more info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_wordplay#Numeric_substitution

11 :Monaparty名無し八段錬士:2017/06/13 16:06:19 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

Zaif provides "Zaif payment" like Bitpay.
I heard Ark Akihabara (that was introduced on >>5) is using it.

And Amaten ( http://amaten.com/ ) also uses Zaif payment.
Amaten is a matching service.
You can exchange your MONA to someone's gift-points like Amazon Gift.

12 :Monaparty名無し八段錬士:2017/06/13 16:20:03 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

A benefit for crypt-currency engineers.

Monacoiner can try new technologies based on Bitcoin before it is activated on Bitcoin's chain.
As Monacoin-core is based on Bitcoin-core (strictly Litecoin).

Monacoin has already enabled SegWit as you know.
And some blave Monacoiners is testing "Lighting Network" on our main-net (not test-net!!!) now.

13 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2017/06/13 21:58:18 (1年前)  0MONA/0人

Robin, are you myniga562?

14 :Robin 五段:2017/06/14 00:09:37 (1年前)  0MONA/0人



15 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2017/06/14 00:21:36 (1年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

I got it.
I remember you
You were at 2ch in 2014 January,

16 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2017/06/14 00:34:39 (1年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

With @tipmona on Twitter, tipping craze.

17 :makit五段錬士:2017/06/14 09:01:29 (1年前)  0.01255254MONA/2人

Monacoin is halving in 31 days.

There is a monacoin halving counter at the bottom right of this site.
(and this site is very nice.)

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20 :Robin 五段:2017/06/21 09:09:52  0MONA/0人

Uploading the video soon! Maybe 2 hours until release.

21 :Robin 五段:2017/06/21 09:29:56  32.43784856MONA/14人


video is complete!!!

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Thank you Robin!

29 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2017/06/21 13:43:35  0.00114114MONA/1人

Robin, you are really patient for three years and more.

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31 :チャッキー四段錬士:2017/06/21 16:50:33  0.00114114MONA/1人

great! thx Robin!

32 :ひとばしらさん五段錬士:2017/06/21 20:28:00  0.00114114MONA/1人

Great work!

33 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 12:45:53  0.1MONA/1人

Robin, I like your video. Thank you for your hard work.

I would like to see the developers for monacoin and litecoin collaborate on inter-coin payments using the lightning network.

Both coins have activated segwit, and both have some lightning ongoing lightning network development.

It would be great for litecoin and mona to implement the lightning network before bitcoin can even activate segwit!!

34 :Robin 五段:2017/06/22 13:06:38  0MONA/0人

That would be a good topic to discuss. Litecoin lightning network is getting a lot of attention at the moment.

Litecoin is scheduled to release lightning network exactly on August 1st. I believe the same day as Bitcoin fork.


They are working in collaboration with MIT, a campus known for Technology held in high regard in the USA.

Can you go more into "inter-coin payments"?

35 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 13:07:28  0.00114114MONA/1人

This is an opportunity for monacoin and litecoin to take over the lead from bitcoin.

We should do our best to take advantage of this opportunity. It could bring Japan to the forefront of the cryptocurrency world, and it could also bring great wealth to those who make early stage investments in monacoin.

Monacoin's market cap is only 34 million dollars, while litecoin has a market cap of 2.3 billion dollars.

I think monacoin is significantly undervalued!!!

36 :Robin 五段:2017/06/22 13:16:22  0MONA/0人


If monacoin is earlier to complete lightning network, that would give it a lot of publicity and attention

37 :Robin 五段:2017/06/22 13:38:52  0.10114114MONA/2人

Made this for twitter!

38 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 14:16:26  0MONA/0人

Hi Robin,

>>Can you go more into "inter-coin payments"?

I'm not sure if the term I used is technically correct, but I meant the use of lightning network to send transactions between mona, litecoin, and possibly other coins (such as bitcoin) that implement LN.

Charlie Lee's article
"My Vision For SegWit And Lightning Networks On Litecoin And Bitcoin"

I think his comments regarding LN on litecoin could theoretically apply to mona as well.

39 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 14:16:39  0MONA/0人

Quote: "Today, Bitcoin is packed full of cars and Litecoin is empty. Even with Bitcoin packed, the cars are not coming to use the Litecoin highway today because it’s not connected and it’s inconvenient (centralized exchanges and slow on-chain transfers) to go across. LN will build bridges over the highways. But a side benefit is that these bridges will connect both highways together. Maybe the bridges on Bitcoin are enough such that cars will still stay on the Bitcoin highway. My bet is that the convenience and the cheaper tolls on Litecoin highway will convince cars to cross over and use Litecoin. But we won’t know until both are built."

40 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 14:16:51  0MONA/0人

Quote 2: ""Another benefit is atomic cross-chain transactions via LN. Two users can trade BTC and LTC instantaneous and without risk. Efficient decentralized exchanges are now possible. Or what if a merchant accepts only BTC but you only have LTC. You can now pay LTC and exchange them instantly through a LN exchange node and send BTC to the merchant. That’s basically decentralized ShapeShift. One last thing I thought of recently is the ability to balance lopsided payment channels on both lightning networks. There are probably millions of other cool things that SegWit and LN open up that we have yet scratched the surface of."

41 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 14:22:53  0MONA/0人

Robin, do you have any ideas on how we could help facilitate technical discussions between litecoin and monacoin teams?

42 :Robin 五段:2017/06/22 18:30:31  0MONA/0人


I guess if Monacoin completes lightning network first we can challenge Litecoin to do a cross-chain transaction. It will be the first in it's history right? That will bring attention.

43 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 19:44:54  0MONA/0人


Robin, thanks for the quick response, you are up late!

>It will be the first in it's history right?
>That will bring attention.

Yes, that would be absolutely huge, we should push for it. Unfortunately, I am not terribly well versed in the technical issues, but perhaps I can help with the communication (I can write in both Japanese and English).

Hopefully some of the more technically capable people here will get involved.

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45 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 19:52:00  0MONA/0人


Robin, this is the Askmona lightning network thread:


It would probably be useful to visit this thread and see if we can generate interest in this concept (litecoin - monacoin LN transaction experiment).

46 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 20:01:08  0MONA/0人


According to the askmona LN thread (http://askmona.org/4955#bbs_end) (response #156)

First litecoin LN transaction: May 10, 2017
First monacoin LN transaction: April 28, 2017


It appears that in terms of the first LN transaction, Monacoin had a small headstart over litecoin, and both are moving faster than bitcoin!!

47 :名無し四段:2017/06/22 20:57:40  0MONA/0人

Eclair on monacoin node graph

ライトニングネットワーク実験場 - Ask Mona

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49 :テクノブレイカーW六段錬士:2017/07/13 08:49:01  0.114MONA/1人

thank you robin.
I posted your video on our website.

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Please remember to say to all to buy sell and trade do not just collect.

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