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1 :Robin 五段:2017/07/02 15:19:51 (1年前)  1.11753742MONA/6人


I made a video showing how to connect your twitch account to as well as show how to get notifications using CLR browser. If a popular streamer received monacoin and all their viewers saw, I think it would be make the viewers curious and want to check out Monacoin. This would be good for spreading Monacoin!

Should I add Japanese subtitles? Would that be useful?

2 :名無し初段:2017/07/02 18:49:11 (1年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

thx Robin :)
Let's Let's enjoy streaming XD

3 :ひとばしらさん五段錬士:2017/07/02 23:31:19 (1年前)  0MONA/0人



I think that this video does not require Japanese subtitle.
We have a lot of Japanese information about Monappy's streaming.

I want you to give priority to easy-to-understand operation methods.

4 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2017/07/03 08:58:06 (1年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

But we do not have any instruction video in japanese such Robin posted.

5 :名無し四段:2017/07/03 09:14:52 (1年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人


Thank you for helping to spread monacoin use case awareness!!!

I hope everyone will make an effort to send monacoin to popular streamers!!!

6 :ひとばしらさん五段錬士:2017/07/03 22:19:24 (1年前)  0MONA/0人


I think so,too.
However,Robin's time is not infinite.

I would like him to make the next video instead of translate this video to Japanese.