Making a difference


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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/03 04:24:46  0.10004649MONA/2人

I have seen Crypto coin make a difference in people's lives. Where else can you start with zero and after a day help to feed people. Thanks to all who help and thanks to the faucets that drop free currency. This is a wonderful thing.

2 :Robin 五段:2017/07/03 05:11:01  0.00114114MONA/1人

It would be nice to have Monacoin do an act of charity for an organization.

3 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/04 03:50:33  0MONA/0人

It is not as easy as you would think to do, it takes money to open an origination, money that can be used to help people. So right now I have to hope people trust and know that I am doing the right thing. Thank you for your feedback