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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/05 09:00:30 (6年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

Crypto is the future of money, we are here at the start of a revolution, a revolution of money. We can change the world, feed the hungry, and cure the sick. No more waiting for the government to subsidise monetary worth. We can make the decisions that we know are right. The future is now.

2 :名無し四段:2017/07/05 11:00:23 (6年前)  0.00114114MONA/1人

Glad to see you keeping it real, Dragon!!

Crypto is the future of money, and Japan is a leader among OECD nations in officially accepting the use of cryptocurrencies. Japan has massive financial reserves which could flow into crypto, and the leading Japanese crypto, Monacoin, is currently valued in only the tens of millions of dollars.

It seems fair that eventually Mona may have a market cap similar to that of Litecoin.

From that point of view, Mona may be radically undervalued!!!

Keep the faith!

3 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/05 11:03:34 (6年前)  0.10114114MONA/2人

Thank you all for continuing support this is an amazing site with amazing people



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