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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/06 03:44:28 (3年前)  0.00228228MONA/2人

The first thing a family needs is unity, and we are a crypto family for lack of a better word. Let's share here the scams online that we have experienced by trying to buy sell and mine crypto. The fact that we are being scammed by certain individuals gives us power to stop this by sticking together. Let's make money as a team instead of everyone for themselves. Tell your scam story and help your crypto family.

2 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/06 05:18:50 (3年前)  0MONA/0人

So am I to believe no one here has been scammed?

3 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/07/06 12:07:59 (3年前)  0MONA/0人

If i had kept all my BTC since I started and not invested in some of these so called mining companies I would be close to a millionaire.



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