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ばらまき Monacoin

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below is the article

it is basically covering the south american region so , this was website for helping me spreading the word for monacoin
. Thank you again for all the support

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Hello Everyone ,

Just want to apologize for the delay in publishing article as editors and team out there want my article to cut it short so , i have to rewrite it and get the permission to get this published . It was lot of hassle . Somehow I make it . They have removed so many content from it but , I make sure i will get it approved in next article .
Thank you very much all for the support

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Thank you to misonikomi , dragon, Robin , Gin and the whole community for helping me out for the article and i hope i keep getting the support and information for my upcoming articles .

I would have mentioned everybody's name but i only 4 english from here so , i mentioned that but , it doesn't mean that others don't help me . I appreciate everybody's effort . Thank you to the whole community of monacoin.

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Exhibition summer Komi, Monaco Mi first issue exhibitors .

Maybe this is better like this.
At the japanese largest comic Exhibition, Comiket in summer, Monacomi (Monacoin + comic) was issued.

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Just corrected with the suggested line given by you . Thank you

8 :みそにこみ十段錬士:2017/08/08 23:49:36  0MONA/0人

Thank you for your very nice article.

* Would you mind correcting the end of the rally period from 30th August to 31th August?
* I learned a lot, because I know that the native people use not "Why and How Monacoin is it growing in Japan" but rather "Why Monacoin and How is it growing in Japan"

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>>8 Corrected the date as well

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As you know already, the rally activities will sponsor Ban'ei Tokachi, which is one-of-a-kind horse race and the only one like it in the world. And the detail is decided.

August 20,2017 at about 5:40 PM (JST)
It can be seen on web site. If the URL is clear,I'll write here.

Ban'ei Tokachi Official-site in English :


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>>10 Prize given in Monacoin for this activity ?

12 :みそにこみ十段錬士:2017/08/11 07:02:16  0MONA/0人

The prize for this race is given in JPY.

There are posters during period from 19th August to 21th August.