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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/09/26 04:01:53  0MONA/0人

Where can you use nuko? Are there any exchange for nekonium?

2 :p-chan二段:2017/09/26 04:03:50  0MONA/0人


3 :無職透明四段:2017/09/26 22:32:58  0MONA/0人

no market was opened yet. but novaexchange will go on someday…

4 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/09/28 04:56:21  0MONA/0人

Cool thank you

5 :名無し三段:2017/10/06 10:44:47  0MONA/0人

Our dev do not like to be listed ~

6 :無職透明四段:2017/10/08 19:37:37  0MONA/0人

really? developers not work to listed. but not to say won't listed??

7 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/10/19 04:01:38  0MONA/0人

If it is listed it will go up in price, don't you think?

8 :名無し一級:2017/10/19 04:38:31  0MONA/0人

If you don't know place can use nuko there is no way to tell price, don't you think?

9 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/10/19 06:04:27  0MONA/0人

I think if it can be traded on an exchange it will be worth more just as others are.