Monacoin going WORLDWIDE


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Just read this on an english crypto-talk forum:
Mona is the Bitcoin of Japan. it is widely used, atms every where, used for purchasing, gifting etc. the volume in Japan, which is not reported on coinmarket, is 4 times Bittrex. the hype now is because the Japanese want to make her recognized world wide. and she was added to their biggest exchange. she is far from finished and will easily reach $30 plus now that the world is waking up. she has a top development team, segwit, lighting, etc and acceptance by Japanese government. her website appearsnce is deceiving. Matter of fact, she broke out again 30 minutes ago. for a day trader she is lovely, providing many opps to jump in and out for 10 - 35%. The japanese are awake. Zaif, Bitflyer

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Best crypto in Japan . Deserves market cap equal to litecoin. Wait till Mrs. Watanabe starts buying!!

Pls spread d word abroad!!!💰💰💰

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Japan has 11 approved exchanges, and 19 pending approval.

Those pending approval may include bigger companies like gmo and sbi. If we can get them to list Mona, as they should, it could moon hard!!!

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MONACOIN is going to be a power coin!