Potential of MonaCoin


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1 :Jinliangさん:2017/10/17 05:00:22  0.00114114MONA/1人

MonaCoin is newly added to bitFlyer, which is among the largest four exchanges in Japan and even in the world. Do you know how many of other tokens bitFlyer surpport trading? Only six tokens, namely BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and BCH, with market cap respectively $94.8B, $32.1B, $1.1B, $3.4B, and $5.3B. Then how much market cap does MonaCoin have? Just $0.186B. So I think it still has large potential.
As we know, bitFlyer will not add a token to its trading list, and that is why there is only seven tokens in its list. Since MonaCoin is added into the list of bitFlyer, it means MonaCoin is recognized by the big figures. So, MonaCoin will become the next LTC or ETH in the coming several months.
When most investors out of Japan knows this token, its price will go to the moon, 10x at least, to 30$. As I know, some new virtual currency exchange platforms with Chinese ground will add MonaCoin in their list very soon, such as KuCoin(see https://twitter.com/JerryXuLog/status/919937560050356226).

2 :Jinliangさん:2017/10/17 05:00:54  0.00004649MONA/1人

When will Monacoin has another booming? Perhaps the next booming of Monacoin will happen after the hard folk of BTC, when the money comes out of BTC and into other promising tokens like Monacoin.
In addition, Monacoin is developed from 2014, and is considered as the first crypto currency that is born and developed in Japan. It is popular in Japan, and the technology is mature enough, so it is reliable. MonaCoin has also accepted by some shops offline or online. So it has real applications in real life.
So I think MonaCoin has large potential.

3 :MonMon一級:2017/10/17 05:17:16  0.00114114MONA/1人

Thanks for the information. I hope that shops in other countries accept Monacoin payment in the future.

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5 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/10/17 12:18:05  0MONA/0人

I have been saying for a long time MONACOIN is strong and will get stronger!

6 :名無し二段:2017/10/17 12:44:04  0MONA/0人

it will go up slowly when akiba campain starts... hopefully lol
we dont need booming, its just gonna be dumped, what we need is steady strong raise. if you think mona has potential keep it as long term investment.

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Monacoin is being touted as the Japanese Litecoin, which is not to say it will immediately grow to that size market, but I think it shows the strong credentials that may make Mona a trusted part of the Japanese Crypto scene, and therefore also trusted internationally - let's see how the Koreans and Chinese interact with the coin, as their markets could really pump it up.

Just my opinion btw.