Newbie Insight on MonaCoin price


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Hey Guys and Gals, from what I can see, Monacoin is definitely the coin that is worth the hold/Hodl. If you have been following the Japanese news and understand what has happened, Japan had made it legal about 6 months ago that CryptoCurrency is an ACCEPTABLE form of payment. (Doesn't mean they will be regulating in a sense but they have SOLIDIFY that it is definitely a form of currency).

Monacoin is the first Japanese cryptocurrency that was founded back in 2014. It was huge in the twitch/gaming culture in Japan but due to the recent pass of the law, Cryptocurrency is now accepted universally in Japan in the form of Monacoin. Monacoin is now appearing on Japanese ATMs, so definitely HODL because that was at the beginning of this month. It's been only 2 weeks in and with the bitcoin jump to over 5k, it is helping solidify the Monacoin in Japan.

Definitely HODL, its going to pay off so much. We are investing into ATMs in a sense that's been blowing up over there!

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