Why MonaCoin is different


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1 :Jinliangさん:2017/10/17 09:48:53  0.00228228MONA/2人

1) Japan is a huge player in the crypto market now that China is going out. This will skyrocket after the fork in November, just like Neo skyrocketed after the bitcoin fork in August.

2) Japanese ATM's are dispensing MONA already

3) This has been listed in the top 5 crypto in Japan.

4) It is valid currency that's now usable in japanese shops

5) It was added to Bitflyer - Japan's biggest exchange 2 weeks ago which has only like 5 currencies - they know what they're doing.

7) It has segwit activated - this is a really big deal.

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8) It'll soon be added to other exchanges and get worldwide attention outside of Japan, creating more volume and gains

9) It's the weekend now, especially Sunday...which is why we haven't seen major gains yet

10) With Bitcoin doing so well and other altcoins going down, Monacoin is going up....just a few corrections here & there are expected for any coin.

11) These aforementioned corrections are healthy for the coin which is evidence that it will increase steadily.

I'm stopping at 11 but there are many more. Feel free to add below.

Pump & dumps sometimes happens once or twice in a week. This isn't that - these fluctuations have happened so many times - what you see are healthy corrections and healthy increases while it's stabilizing.

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There are currently 11 government approved crypto exchanges in Japan. 19 more exchanges have applied for approval.


So far only 5 exchanges trade mona, so there are potentially 25 more exchanges that could eventually list mona for trading.

That could bring in a lot of YEN to the mona market!!!!

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For those with accounts at GMO and SBI in particular, please request that they list mona coin!!!

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6 :lae九段尊者:2017/10/17 10:09:18  0MONA/0人

Hi Jinliang,

It seems you're reposting stuff from Reddit. It would help if you included the corrections from those discussions as well.

1 - speculation as fuck
2 - Zaif's Smart ATMs are no longer in service as of July: https://corp.zaif.jp/info/5999/
8 - You didn't provide any evidence for this, either. Why don't you link to some exchanges announcing that they're going to add Mona to their exchanges? While I hope more exchanges will add Mona, you can't just say this without qualifying it (e.g. adding "probably").
9 - Really? You know today's Tuesday in Japan, right? Didn't even bother to fucking correct this, huh.

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