Why Kucoin/KCS to the moon?


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Kucoin is a Professional and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with the following features:
Legal Compliance, Easy and Convenient, Advanced technologies, Solid System, Fund Safety, 7*24 Customer Service.

The trading fee on Kucoin is very low compared to most exchanges. You can go to official registration @kucoincom for free KCS tokens and 80% trading fee discount in one month: https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup?r=E2OFDh.
Just like most of the top-level exchanges in the world, Kucoin has supported KCS, SNT, BTM, BHC, MTH, EOS, CVC, USDT, KNC, PAY, OMG, NEO,QTUM, BTC, GAS, ETH, LTC, WTC, HSR, and will list BBR, RPX in recent days. And will add dozens of other hot tokens in the coming month.

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I think it is quite potential, and my analysis are:

1. The 80% discount trading fee for every coin on Kucoin, will finished on 27th, Oct. After that, the bonus by holding KCS will quadruple, i.e., 4X. At the same time, KCS holders still get 50% or more of the trading fees from Kucoin team as bonus. Most Kucoin users feels good in trading on Kucoin, and will stay in Kucoin.

2. Kucoin will list several more hot tokens with large market cap before Nov, such as the first ICO project supported by NEO -- RedPulse, which is very famous, and Kucoin as the single exchange to list this token. This act, first, it will bring high trading volume on Kucoin, second, it will let more people know Kucoin and KCS. For example, RedPulse (RPX) trading would made Kucoin be among the top-level exchanges in very short term. It is a genious step.

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3. Compared to Binance, Kucoin has better experience feedback from users, while the market cap of KCS is just one third to half of BNB. So it still has much room to boom. However, some people say KCS is not worth that high price from weeks ago. To this, I want to say, Binance just consider itself big enough, and is unwilling to change itself to improve its service to users. That is why Binance/BNB price is droping from last week. At the same time, KCS is growing steady. KCS price is so high because Kucoin team gives much of its profit back to its users and KCS holders, which accounts for about 90% of its profit. That is why KCS is growing all the time.

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4. Most tokens listed on Kucoin has two or three time of trading volume than last day. As you can see, it is growing quite fast. It will deliver rapidly growing bonus to KCS holders. The team is willing to hear voice from users, and updated their work quickly. Just look at Binance and Bittrex, or some other top-level exchanges, they even do nothing in these days, just make money. As to Kucoin, it is a quite different style.

5. Kucoin team is efficient and effective in platfrom developing and fostering community of users. Kucoin The members of several Kucoin communities is growing faster and faster. One senior manager of Kucoin, who named Kent Li and his other two assistant, are always online in the Kucoin communicy, talking with and hear feedbacks from Kucoin users and KCS investors directly, almost 24hours*7days every week. I have never seen any other exchange like Kucoin before. As to platform development log, see the official state these days here: https://news.kucoin.com/en/category/changelog/.

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6. Kucoin exchange and KCS token has been added to CoinMarketCap in this month, and more people will know it through these websites. In addition, Blockflio has promised on their official twitter to add it just after CoinMarketCap.

7. Kucoin team is updating their whitepaper to describe Kucoin and KCS more clearly, and will publish a new version before next week.

8. Kucoin team is working on the development of Apps on mobile phones, i.e. Android and iOs version, soon will release them. It will be more convinient for users to use Kucoin.

9. In the past month, the price of KCS is growing steadily in general, it is not a bump and pump token.

10. Kucoin is backed by some big financial figures, so Kucoin team is not lacked of money. So they can focus on developing and providing better and better service to users, instead of fighting with the users for tiny interests. As to fighting with users for interests, just look at Bittrex, which keeps all of users' NEO GAS for itself like a robber.

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PS. I begin to know Kucoin and trade on it from the beginning of this month, and I love the feeling when using Kucoin. In addition, I also bought some KCS to offset the trading fee in the future. I want Kucoin to be bigger and strongger. I wish everybody can benifit by trading on Kucoin and holding KCS like myself.

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Below are some resources about Kucoin and KCS:

Kucoin register to get 10 KCS for free and 80% trading fee discount: https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup?r=E2OFDh

Kucoin News: https://t.me/Kucoin_News

Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/kucoin

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Thank you!