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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/10/31 08:01:16  0MONA/0人

I was reading on Reddit and I saw a guy asking in July if he should buy MONA at 70 cents USD it is now 3.20 dollars USD! I hope he made three right choice. That's why I keep asking but sell or hold! 224% profit in the months, so please keep all suggestions coming good or bad yaru! Thanks

2 :( ´∀`)ma-ma-三段:2017/10/31 20:41:46  0.04255114MONA/2人

Hello Dragon3376, pls stop establishing threads on sumilar(e.g. hold or sell...) topic.

Even anyone comment anything, you have to make decesion by yourself at own risk, there are nothing you can get from it.

I will support more productive topics.
And I assume you are looking for any news on Mona but not much at this moment.
If any evwnts up coming, I can let you know.

Pls consider to merge thead for price trend and others, DO NOT create a new thread on this topic.

Thank you in advance.