Stop Being Nasty Here!

議論・討論 First stop your affiliate.

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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/11/06 12:49:27  0MONA/0人

Please let's not make this a trashy site, there are plenty of blog sites for nasty talk. My children use my computer and I should not have to block this. So please think. Thank you.

2 :( ´∀`)ma-ma-三段:2017/11/06 13:20:00  0.0000001MONA/1人

Would you be more specific pls?
What made you to make this comment?

IF any post against terms & use of Ask Mona, I will report it to admin otherwise it might be your problem.

We cannot prevent your kids to read here nor no intention to limit our expression(within rule though)

3 :Yuhmo二級:2017/11/06 18:51:55  0MONA/0人

I hope we can have a reliable and safe environment here. Hope it all goes well.