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1 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/11/18 23:59:05  0.11MONA/2人

I am now building a solar array on to of my house to cut down on electric costs. It is very expensive to start, I will update to let you know if any savings. My electric bill this month $528.00 USD stay tuned for updates.

2 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/11/21 09:41:51  0MONA/0人

Update, this is working great, before when the compressor would kick on the lights would dim. This has stopped and is working well I do have the option of changing to wall electric if the batteries quit.

3 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/11/21 09:42:30  0MONA/0人

No fan or GPU lag at all!

4 :なんとかサーバル初段:2017/12/03 00:24:44  0MONA/0人

Great! I'm interested in Solar Mining. Solar energy can be a game changer in the mining world. Hope your updates.

5 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/12/03 12:26:57  0MONA/0人

Ok the first bill came in it is down to $354.87 so this solar array should pay off in the long run

6 :ももち一級:2017/12/03 12:50:03  0MONA/0人

This is great!
About how much did you pay for your solar array?
Good luck with your solar mining

7 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/12/03 13:48:27  0MONA/0人

That is the bad part depending on your area, it takes an investment at first I paid $2000 USD to start for power consumption it should pay off within 6 months as I learn to use it to my benefit. Make sure you research I was lucky to be a trained electrician. I will add on as it pays for itself. There are also sites where you can purchase used solar panels too. It's all in the panels.

8 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/12/04 06:12:06  0MONA/0人

You need an electric meter than can show amperage to start the calculation for your solar array.

9 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/12/06 08:28:11  0MONA/0人

I just added a motor to the panel array to track the sun for full power potential. This should give me 35% more battery power storage. I used my profits to buy the motor, so nothing came from savings!

10 :dragon3766三段教士:2017/12/07 10:16:08  0MONA/0人

The last two days has been overcast and cloudy,I hope the sun comes out soon! I am still getting a charge but full sun would be better

11 :dragon3766三段教士:2018/01/16 05:59:15  0MONA/0人

1 month later after adding sun tracker and electric bill still going down even in winter with home heating from $528 a month to $301 usd this is a great investment remember start small and build up your array. Best of luck to all