someone will translate?


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1 :Ivan Sorce二段:2017/11/28 07:14:39  0.1MONA/1人

Hello to everyone! names is ivan and i'm really interested about this mona! I think mona will be the future in japan....
i think mona will be more expensive than bitcoin!

Someone will translate all the Mona website in English? or i need to start learn Japanese? 😂😂😂😂
I forgot to say: Someone with big heart want to donate 1 mona for me? if you donate 1 mona i will have 5 mona 😬😬

i forgot someone here like mirai nikki? ;)

2 :Ivan Sorce二段:2017/11/28 07:16:43  0MONA/0人

I forgot this year i will come to see japan tokyo and i wanted to ask if someone will bring me to see tokyo ;)
I have already one my friend in tokyo she's a singer.