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1 :Aigan一級:2017/11/28 19:05:07  0.00346991MONA/4人

Hello everyone! Aigan here from Philippines. I'm in college at the moment, and I'm new to cryptocurrency, I also love Japanese culture, and because of that I'm studying Kana then Kanji.

I've heard about monacoin in some ad and it made me quite curious. That's how I got here. Thanks all.

2 :名無し四段:2017/11/28 19:06:02  0MONA/0人

Advance apologies if this sounds sexist, but are you a beautiful girl?

3 :sukio三級:2017/11/28 19:09:28  0MONA/0人

why not MONAGE?

4 :Aigan一級:2017/11/28 19:15:57  0MONA/0人

Sorry to disappoint you but.. sadly I'm straight.

Haven't heard about monage yet, I'm looking at it right now.

5 :takeo_3841三段:2017/11/28 19:19:40  0MONA/0人

Hi Aigan. Welcome to Askmona!

6 :Aigan一級:2017/11/28 19:24:03  0MONA/0人

Thank you takeo, I also might visit Japan after graduating, mona might come in handy.