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Hello to everyone i just created モナコインちゃん Facebook page...
I will work to make this page working and i want to attract more people as possible!

I want to create a guide how to buy monacoin...
We just have a facebook group....

Any donations will used for this facebook group and i will post the balance and how the money is used!

2 :Ivan Sorce二段(---.---):2017/12/07 19:41:12  0MONA/0人

Any donations will help the page to grow up!
for any more information you can contact me in private.

i want to translate every article about monacoin from japanese to English.

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4 :Ivan Sorce二段(---.---):2017/12/07 21:22:07  0MONA/0人

I just pay to facebook 10GBP to boost monacoin ads!

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I just started to make a manual how to buy and use monacoin in EU and US

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Liked and following thank you

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Thank you! I started to make a guide how to buy monacoin.

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Is work in progress.