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1 :Ivan Sorce二段:2018/01/26 00:22:24  0MONA/0人

Everyone need to collaborate if we want to see Monacoin soon under 20 position on Coingecko.

But we need to collaborate...

My project is to implement Tor to the monacoin wallet!
When the wallet start Tor will be immediately connect to the peer.

Wallet positive stuff:

New Design
Mining Section
Tor implemented

2 :Ivan Sorce二段:2018/01/26 00:22:37  0MONA/0人

I want some advice on how we can make better this Coin!

If the coin start to be developed with new wallet and other update the price will go up!

More people buy Monacoin $ ---> Market cap $$ --> Coin Value $$$

3 :Ivan Sorce二段:2018/01/26 00:22:48  0MONA/0人

4 :Ivan Sorce二段:2018/01/26 19:18:54  0MONA/0人