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1 :Mastreさん:2019/01/01 01:13:22 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

I'm an one of attackers who attacked Monappy, and I'd like to answer some questions you ask.
Any questions that don't relate to identity of us is answered.
Writing questions in Japanese is allowed, since I understand Japanese, required to understand what Monappy say.
Note that I only answer in English.
Lastly, have a nice year. Thanks.

2 :名無し二級:2019/01/01 02:48:05 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Can I ask you why you attacked monappy?
There was not huge market place and you couldn't steal coins so much.
Thank you.

3 :名無し二級:2019/01/01 02:50:04 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Not sure this is just a joke thread but I want ask you...

4 :Mastreさん:2019/01/01 09:36:26 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>2 Because I found out that I could withdraw coins abnormally.
There is no hate or anything else.

5 :人畜無害二段:2019/01/02 00:08:15 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


6 :脇山P名人教士聖人:2019/01/02 00:33:39 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


7 :lae九段尊者:2019/01/02 00:35:14 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

- Do you typically do black hat attacks like this?
- Do you have any connection to the Coincheck or Zaif attacks?
- Would a sort of bug bounty program, or anything else, would have helped to prevent you from executing this attack? The damage to the community, mostly creative and several in their teens/early twenties, was very large and obviously still hasn't recovered.
- In addition, you say you understand Japanese, but are you actually aware of how Monappy is planning on handling this situation?

Also, you don't sound like a native English speaker. If your native is Chinese (I'm guessing based on your speaking pattern), I'm sure there are several people here to understand Chinese. If it's another non-Asian language then I guess English is best.

8 :もふもふ四段錬士:2019/01/02 00:39:03 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Are there any proof that you or you are genuine?
When did you notice the defect of the service?

9 :名無し二級:2019/01/02 00:47:14 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>4 thanks. I see

10 :‌‌七段教士:2019/01/02 00:56:42 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


11 :モナちゃん三段:2019/01/02 01:17:21 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Why did you want to report as the culprit you stole here?

12 :Joumou二段:2019/01/02 02:17:33 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>1 Happy new year sir.
You said that "I'm an one of attackers." So do you know how many people are involved in this attack and where they belong to?

13 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2019/01/02 06:11:43 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Why did you choose askmona to post your comments?

14 :すなぎも三段:2019/01/02 08:17:11 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Firstly, maybe you should show us signed "dondoko wasshoi" using some of the known attacker addresses.

15 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:37:53 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>5 Because I thought they had an alert for abnormally decreased balance.

16 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:38:21 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>6 That's secret, but you can find solution at 5ch.

17 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:40:00 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. Yes.

18 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:41:21 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>8 >>14
All private keys used for stealing is already exposed, so impossible.

19 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:41:50 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>10 Ok, I will.

20 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:42:19 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>11 Guess why.

21 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:42:53 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>12 Many.

22 :Mastreさん:2019/01/02 10:43:50 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>13 Because there's a lot of Monappy users.
Why do we know AskMona? That's secret.

23 :おなぺこ三段:2019/01/02 11:04:17 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Don't you feel like "committing crime"?
Are you going to kill someone with "no hate or anything else"?

24 :モナちゃん三段:2019/01/02 11:30:17 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Are you unrelated to Zaif's offense?

25 :名無し六段教士:2019/01/02 11:34:43 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Are you happy?

26 :lae九段尊者:2019/01/02 11:38:03 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

He answered that he isn't related in >>17

- Did you ask co-perpetrators about this AMA (for permission or whatever) before posting here?
- If you don't typically do black hat attacks, did someone else other than you uncover the vulnerability and do they typically do? What answers to the previous questions I asked if they were asked to the person who originally found the vuln?

27 :モナコインちゃんかわいい初段:2019/01/02 13:21:23 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

Are you sane?

28 :名無し七段錬士:2019/01/02 14:42:08 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

do you like wakiyama tamami chan ?

29 :もなこいにすた★七段教士:2019/01/02 15:04:14 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


30 :名無しさん:2019/01/02 16:04:44 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


31 :raspi0124三段:2019/01/02 19:04:16 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>30 前海外に住んでたので経験ありますが結構ブロックされていないvpnがあったり。。(小声

32 :人として行動がぶれている五段錬士:2019/01/02 23:27:01 (4年前)  0MONA/0人


33 :Mastreさん:2019/01/30 13:36:05 (4年前)  0MONA/0人

>>26 Yes.
>>27 No.
>>28 No.
>>29 Ok.
>>30 I didn't mean that "I wrote the solution", but "you can find the solution".



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